In collaboration with the Didier Drogba Foundation and the International Labour Organization (ILO), FIFPRO has launched a campaign to raise awareness of African players being targeted and scammed by people pretending to be football agents.

FIFPRO aims to empower players by warning them of the risks, providing education on the issue, and ultimately equipping them with the knowledge to protect themselves against these 'agents'.

“Africa is proud of its world-class footballers," said Côte d'Ivoire and Chelsea legend Didier Drogba. "Unfortunately, for every great success story there are many migrant players who see their dreams shattered. Those young people can find themselves facing great difficulties being alone in a foreign country; with no family and no network of acquaintances, they are totally vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.”

FIFPRO Africa President Geremi, a two-time Africa Cup of Nations winner, said: “Within FIFPRO Africa, with the active support of CAF and the help of our partners, particularly the ILO and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), this is the future that we want to offer to African footballers, because it is the only way to ensure progress, success and social justice.”


● Botswana, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe

• More than 70% of players were contacted by a person who said they could help the player move to another club.

• Around 80% of the players who were contacted, were approached more than once, and 50% three times or more.

• Some 36% of the players are approached via social media. And 45% said they were contacted in person.

• Most often, players were offered a trial (43%) or a contract with a club (39%).

• 27% of the players mentioned that they had a bad experience with this person.

• 78% of players indicated that they had one or more disappointing experiences with this person.

• 56% of the players did not get the trial that was promised to them.

• 44% of the players did not sign the contract that they expected to sign.

• 38% of the players said they know someone who had a bad experience.

• 70% indicated that they have not been educated on agents or intermediaries in their club.


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